Meet Your Certified Firearms Instructors

Meet Safe Aim Firearms Training


Founded by former veteran police officer and his police dispatcher wife, Tim & Janet Scarbrough, SAF-T is fast becoming one of the most sought after firearms training classes in central Florida. Why are their unique firearms training classes so successful?  SAF-T teaches real-world techniques, delivered in an efficient, friendly, safe, and yes, humorous manner.

Meet Tim, Your Certified Firearms Instructor

Meet Your Instructor Tim


S.A.F.T. Certified Firearms Instructor Tim ScarbroughCertified Firearms Instructor Tim Scarbrough is a retired veteran police officer, an accomplished comedian, magician, and comedy writer so you know your class is not only going to be educational, but it’s going to be a whole lot of fun too!  ...And all though you’ll laugh out-loud during some of his classroom instruction, he takes safety VERY seriously and stresses it throughout the class.

As a police officer in a 74 man department, Tim always shot within the top four during range qualifications.  He has always loved guns and has been a shooter since he was a pre-teen.


Meet Janet, Your Certified Firearms Instructor

Meet Your Instructor Janet


S.A.F.T. Firearms Instructor Janet ScarbroughCertified Firearms Instructor Janet Scarbrough is a former 911 police dispatcher.  Her ability to stay calm under pressure is definitely a trait one should emulate when carrying a concealed firearm.  

Janet has been around guns and has been a shooter her whole life.  Janet received expert instruction and education in firearms and shooting starting when she was only eight years old.  Who was her instructor?   Her dad!  …Her father was a military man and a Firearms Range Safety Officer for the Polk County Sheriff's Office and taught her marksmanship and proper gun handling from the very beginning.